Episode 28 – Ben – The Proposition

Posted by Will! on Thursday Mar 26, 2009 Under Audio, Ben, Celebrity

Ben joins me again, this time to tell about a well-known individual who propositions a young man at a Hollywood event.

Be sure to check out Ben’s acting in the Left 4 Dead themed shorts Boomer’s Day Off and Sheila the Witch.

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Episode 27 – Pirate – White Leather Couch

Posted by Will! on Thursday Mar 19, 2009 Under Audio, Pirate

This week my friend Pirate joins to tell about a young couple who mess up a couch that doesn’t belong to them.  Warning:  this story contains an instance of animal cruelty, so if you’re especially sensitive to this subject, you may want to skip this one.

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Episode 26 – JV – The Helpful Stranger

Posted by Will! on Thursday Mar 12, 2009 Under Audio, Celebrity, JV

This week my good friend JV joins the show to tell about the awkward time one of his coworkers ran into someone very well known.

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Episode 25 – Kerry – Emo Dog

Posted by Will! on Thursday Mar 5, 2009 Under Audio, Kerry

Kerry joins me this week to tell about the sad dog her sister once had to watch over.

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