Episode 24 – Brian and Bonnie – Popping the Cork

Posted by Will! on Thursday Feb 26, 2009 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, Bonnie, Brian

Brian and Bonnie are back.  This time Brian acts as primary storyteller as he gives the details on his brother’s embarrassing day at work.

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Episode 23 – Brent – Drug Class

Posted by Will! on Thursday Feb 19, 2009 Under Audio, Brent, Guests

This week Brent rejoins us to tell about some university students who learn about locally growing plants that act as hard drugs, and the craziness that ensues when they try said drugs out for themselves.

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Episode 22 – Logan – Poor Dog

Posted by Will! on Thursday Feb 12, 2009 Under Audio, Logan

I’m happy this week to be joined by my brother, Logan, who tells a story about a poor girl’s harrowing time dog-sitting in New York City.

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Episode 21 – Ben – Various Injuries

Posted by Will! on Thursday Feb 5, 2009 Under Audio, Ben

This week Ben joins me and we talk about people we know who have hurt themselves grievously.

Ben occasionally hosts the geek news and review podcast Geekscape and acts, most recently in the Left 4 Dead themed shorts Boomer’s Day Off and Sheila the Witch.

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