Episode 07 – Kramertron – Halloween and the Law

Posted by Will! on Thursday Oct 30, 2008 Under Audio, Kramer

This week my net-pal Kramertron joins me to tell about some kids trying to have a good time on Halloween.  Of course, they aren’t safe from the long arm of the law.

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Episode 06 – Lindsay – The Phone Call

Posted by Will! on Thursday Oct 23, 2008 Under Audio, Lindsay

My good friend Lindsay was kind enough to join me this week.  I don’t want to ruin anything, but I will say that this story kicks off with a phone call that is threatening in tone.

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Episode 05 – Gumare – Iphone Line

Posted by Will! on Thursday Oct 16, 2008 Under Audio, Gumare

This week my musical friend Gumare finally gets on mic. He joins us from Chicago to tell a story about some bruhaha at the release of the 3G Iphone.

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Episode 04 – Chris – Airline Security

Posted by Will! on Thursday Oct 9, 2008 Under Audio, Chris1

This week I’m joined by my friend Chris who shares a story about a major airline security stop.   For proof that this story is based in reality, follow this link to a news story from the Ottawa Citizen.  Don’t click the link too soon, though, or you might ruin some of the fun of the story.

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Episode 03 – Will – Birfday

Posted by Will! on Thursday Oct 2, 2008 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, Reverend Jeremy White, Will

This week I step up to tell the story that started it all. It’s pretty much gross and involves a private birthday celebration in a shared dorm room.

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