Episode 03 – Will – Birfday

Posted by Will! on Thursday Oct 2, 2008 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, Reverend Jeremy White, Will

This week I step up to tell the story that started it all. It’s pretty much gross and involves a private birthday celebration in a shared dorm room.

8 Responses to “Episode 03 – Will – Birfday”

  1. iggystar Says:

    Ok, I’m officially hooked. My co-workers think I’m nuts I was laughing so hard. Nice work, Will.

  2. A. Woods Says:

    That story was ridiculous, in a completely awesome and disgusting kind of way. Excellent choice.

  3. The Lame Says:

    This was great, these stories keep getting better and better. Nice work, I’ll definitely need to pass this along.

  4. PolishMike Says:

    This was the best story so far!
    I’ll never sleep in a bunk-bed again…

  5. pirate Says:

    even better that it was posted on my birthday.
    see you tonight!

  6. Alice Acheron Says:

    This episode was hilarious.

  7. T Harter Says:

    My sophomore year roommate told me a variation of this story. Only his retelling had the top bunk guy hiding in the closet the whole time

  8. Cait Mac Says:

    grossissimo! but hilarious. had to turn it off to contain myself in my cubicle and then gave up. I will use the word “birfday” cautiously now.

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