Recently my site was attacked by malware, so there were no new posts, since I didn’t want to help spread around whatever it was trying to infect you with, but it’s all clean now and I’m back on track (not only do I have a show this week, but I’ve got one ready for next week!)

But to the matter at hand:  This week I’m joined by the Reverend Jeremy White who has a story about a bathroom emergency and how it is almost certainly mishandled.  We reference the recording date, which was a while ago, but it’s coming out now, and I didn’t want to try to edit around it, so that’s why.

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Episode 87 – Rev Jeremy White – Party Shooter

Posted by Will! on Sunday Aug 14, 2011 Under Audio, Reverend Jeremy White

When Jeremy first told me this one, I wasn’t sure about posting it, but upon review it seems like some unfounded bragging and perhaps some hazy remembering, both fueled by alcohol.  Be warned, it does contain violence.

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Episode 56 – Rev Jeremy White – Angry Drivers

Posted by Will! on Thursday Oct 8, 2009 Under Audio, Reverend Jeremy White

Jeremy tells a story this week about some angry people who like to use the horn, and how this escalates into some serious business.

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The week I’m happy to be joined again by the Reverend Jeremy White who tells a story about a couple of his friends and some fun times they had while drinking wine.

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Episode 03 – Will – Birfday

Posted by Will! on Thursday Oct 2, 2008 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, Reverend Jeremy White, Will

This week I step up to tell the story that started it all. It’s pretty much gross and involves a private birthday celebration in a shared dorm room.

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