Vacation time

Posted by Will! on Thursday Feb 18, 2010 Under Announcement

Well…it’s like a vacation, only not restful. I’m in the process of moving, and so my ability to access the internet is a little spotty. I’ll try not to let two weeks go by without posting a story, though. Thanks for listening.

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Episode 72 – Ben – The Naked Pedestrian

Posted by Will! on Thursday Feb 11, 2010 Under Audio, Ben2

Listener Ben joins this week to share a story from his college days about when his roommates saw a naked guy ambling down the street in front of their house.

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Episode 71 – Jason – The Bicycle Collector

Posted by Will! on Thursday Feb 4, 2010 Under Audio, Jason

Jason joins the show to tell a story passed from the world of law enforcement about a parolee and his bicycles.

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