Episode 33- Morgen – Ball Wars

Posted by Will! on Thursday Apr 30, 2009 Under Audio, Guests, Morgen

This week Morgen joins me again to tell about a time he walked in on a couple of friends doing something kind of weird.  It’s half firsthand and half secondhand, but I’m going allow it, because it’s funny.

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Episode 32 – JV – Ace of Spades

Posted by Will! on Thursday Apr 23, 2009 Under Audio, Celebrity, JV

I’m joined again by JV for another story of a celebrity spotted in the wild.  This one has a date with Ms. Pacman.

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Episode 31 – Nathan – The Rise and Fall of Dan

Posted by Will! on Thursday Apr 16, 2009 Under Audio, Guests, Nate

This week my dear friend Nathan joins me to give an update on Dan, a young man who happily tells stories about himself.  It turns out that they may be exaggerated!

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Episode 30 – Short Shorts Vol. 1

Posted by Will! on Thursday Apr 9, 2009 Under Audio, Bonnie, Brent, Brian, Dan, Jon, Kramer, Sarah

This week is a special week.  Instead of one guest and a long story, I have seven guests, all with short stories.  There’s something here for everyone.

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Episode 29 – Jill – The Gnome

Posted by Will! on Thursday Apr 2, 2009 Under Audio, Jill

This week I’m joined by my new friend Jill.  She shares a secondhand account of finding a mythical woodland creature in the forest while heavily under the influence.

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