Episode 29 – Jill – The Gnome

Posted by Will! on Thursday Apr 2, 2009 Under Audio, Jill

This week I’m joined by my new friend Jill.  She shares a secondhand account of finding a mythical woodland creature in the forest while heavily under the influence.

5 Responses to “Episode 29 – Jill – The Gnome”

  1. Bradford Says:

    Wow! This has to be not only one of the best stories on Secondhand Storytime, but one of the best I have ever heard.

  2. Drewbie Says:

    I cant imagine, how a retarded 10 year old survived a week in the woods. At least they fed him!

  3. pirate Says:

    oh man, this is easily one of my favorites.
    couldn’t have asked for a better ending.

  4. Sarah Says:

    MY MIND WAS BLOWN!!! Seriously, I was rooting for it to be a dying owl or something… this was so much better!!!

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