Episode 88 – Eric – Hot Soup

Posted by Will! on Sunday Aug 21, 2011 Under Audio, Eric

Eric joins this week to tell about a roughneck who tries to start some shit and doesn’t like where it ends up.

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Episode 87 – Rev Jeremy White – Party Shooter

Posted by Will! on Sunday Aug 14, 2011 Under Audio, Reverend Jeremy White

When Jeremy first told me this one, I wasn’t sure about posting it, but upon review it seems like some unfounded bragging and perhaps some hazy remembering, both fueled by alcohol.  Be warned, it does contain violence.

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Episode 86 – Austin – Ginny Snaps

Posted by Will! on Sunday Aug 7, 2011 Under Audio, Austin

This week Austin joins to tell about a poor girl who is constantly razzed by her co-workers, although probably with good reason.

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