Episode 70 – Teresa – Korean Karaoke Dungeon

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jan 28, 2010 Under Audio, Teresa

This week Teresa joins the show to tell about Carl, a boy who has a long, long night, most of it pretty far from sobriety.

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Episode 69 – Steve – Track Meet

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jan 21, 2010 Under Audio, Steven

Steve joins the show again to tell about how his irresponsible cousin got revenge on an even more irresponsible athletic coach.

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Episode 68 – Short Shorts Vol. 3

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jan 14, 2010 Under Audio, Brad, Brian, Chad, Logan, Tursh

It’s that time again.  Today I have five stories that were too short to be their own episodes but too fun to be forgotten forever.  There is fighting between brothers, weird names, and bad behaviour both at work and while out on the town.   Something for everyone.

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Episode 67 – Josh – The Scar

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jan 7, 2010 Under Audio, Josh

The show is back for 2010.  The first story of the year is about a guy who tells an incredibly tall tale to his lady-friend. Josh joins me to tell it.

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