Episode 68 – Short Shorts Vol. 3

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jan 14, 2010 Under Audio, Brad, Brian, Chad, Logan, Tursh

It’s that time again.  Today I have five stories that were too short to be their own episodes but too fun to be forgotten forever.  There is fighting between brothers, weird names, and bad behaviour both at work and while out on the town.   Something for everyone.

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Episode 30 – Short Shorts Vol. 1

Posted by Will! on Thursday Apr 9, 2009 Under Audio, Bonnie, Brent, Brian, Dan, Jon, Kramer, Sarah

This week is a special week.  Instead of one guest and a long story, I have seven guests, all with short stories.  There’s something here for everyone.

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Episode 24 – Brian and Bonnie – Popping the Cork

Posted by Will! on Thursday Feb 26, 2009 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, Bonnie, Brian

Brian and Bonnie are back.  This time Brian acts as primary storyteller as he gives the details on his brother’s embarrassing day at work.

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Episode 16 – Bonnie and Brian – Aunt Mabel

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jan 1, 2009 Under Audio, Bonnie, Brian

This week my buddies Bonnie and Brian come on to tell about a disagreement between some of the family elders and its possible supernatural fallout.

Happy New Year!

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