Episode 41 – Brad – Lemon Surprise

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jun 25, 2009 Under Audio, Brad

This week Brad joins the show to tell about a girl he knows who did something naughty to a roommate’s computer, and how the consequences were bigger than she expected.

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Episode 40 – Kerry – Brain Trouble

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jun 18, 2009 Under Audio, Kerry

Kerry joins again to tell about the hard time a friend has whilst trying to nail down some troubling neurological issues.

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Episode 39 – Joel – Cooter

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jun 11, 2009 Under Audio, Joel

Joel joins us again to tell how an aquaintence named Cooter got his nickname.  This one continues our string of gross stories.

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Episode 38 – Liz2 – No Cream, No Sugar

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jun 4, 2009 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, Liz2

Newcomer Liz2 tells a story about a friend of a friend who worked in a coffee shop and got creeped out by a travelling businessman with some odd requests.

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