I am interested in hearing secondhand stories from the audience. If you have a story you feel would be appropriate and are interested in telling it on the show, please send an email to will@secondhandstorytime.com with “STORY SUBMISSION” in the subject line, along with an outline of what you would like to share. Please note the following guidelines for submission:

  • There should be no details specific enough to make the subject of a story identifiable to myself or the general audience of the website/podcast. All names must be changed.
  • The stories should not feature main characters involved in felonies, and  I don’t want the details of crimes. If you send me an email saying “Let me tell you about the time my friend stabbed a guy and got away with it,” be prepared for me to forward that email to the police.
  • No stories promoting hate speech.

I’m happy for any submission that fits these guidelines, but be warned that submitting a story doesn’t necessarily mean that I will be able to use it on the podcast.

Hope to hear from you soon.