Episode 15 – Holiday Special – Beth and the Christmas Quilts

Posted by Will! on Thursday Dec 25, 2008 Under Audio, Lindsay

This week we’re doing something a little different.  I usually stick to non-fiction but Martin Sargent was kind enough to allow me to read his story Beth and the Christmas Quilts.  My good friend Lindsay joins me as voice talent for this special holiday tale.

Happy holiday-of-your-choice.

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Episode 14 – Nick – Interpoo

Posted by Will! on Thursday Dec 18, 2008 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, Nick

This week Nick joins me to tell about a young lawyer and his disasterous first attempt to interview.

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Episode 13 – Nate – Casanova Dan

Posted by Will! on Thursday Dec 11, 2008 Under Audio, Nate

This week I’m joined by my longtime friend Nate, who tells a story of a boy who broke off a relationship and what happened when the dumped girl didn’t take it well.  At the end, I toss out a quick story of my own about very similar circumstances.

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Episode 12 – Morgen – Party Boy

Posted by Will! on Thursday Dec 4, 2008 Under Audio, Morgen

This week my buddy Morgen joins me once again to tell about a boy and his party and some unwanted female attention.

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