Episode 83 – Nate – Nighttime Solo Love

Posted by Will! on Sunday Aug 29, 2010 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, Nate

Nate joins this week to tell another tale of Jeff, the poor guy who’s romantic life just doesn’t seem to go right.  For the previous Jeff story, listen to episode 80.

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Episode 81 – St Mort – Revenge Essay

Posted by Will! on Thursday Aug 5, 2010 Under Audio, Nate, SaintMort

This week St Mort joins to tell about some shenanigans that happened at his high school and then got blown out of proportion.  Nate also recorded a quick bit about hearing one of our previous stories from a different source.

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Episode 80 – Nate – Crime Scene

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jul 29, 2010 Under Audio, Nate

This week Nate comes back on the show to tell about an encounter that starts in romance and ends in horror.

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Episode 34 – Nathan – Bad Neighbor

Posted by Will! on Thursday May 7, 2009 Under Audio, Nate

This week Nate shares a story about another of his co-workers.  This one is having trouble with the neighbor.

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Episode 31 – Nathan – The Rise and Fall of Dan

Posted by Will! on Thursday Apr 16, 2009 Under Audio, Guests, Nate

This week my dear friend Nathan joins me to give an update on Dan, a young man who happily tells stories about himself.  It turns out that they may be exaggerated!

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