Episode 46 – Kerry – Brazilian Customs

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jul 30, 2009 Under Audio, Kerry

Kerry joins for the third time to tell about a poor girl who has a terrible time at the Brazilian airport when a simple misunderstanding spins out of control.

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Episode 45 – Russell – Hotel Weirdness

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jul 23, 2009 Under Audio, Russell

Russell comes on this week to tell about something inexplicable that happened in a hotel room, enough so that it puzzles everyone involved.

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Episode 44 – Jonathan – Repeat

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jul 16, 2009 Under Audio, Jonathan

This week Jonathan tells me a story that I’ve unfortunately heard before, but it does give us a great chance to compare differences and similarities.  Hopefully you enjoy our discussion.

If you are a new listener, and don’t know what happens in this one, be sure to listen to Episode 29 first.

And I unfortunately have to say that I’m not the first to document this particular tale.  I don’t normally look into the stories, but the recurrence led me to do an internet search. Check it out at Snopes.

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Episode 43 – Tursh – Car Smell

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jul 9, 2009 Under Audio, Tursh

This week Tursh joins with a tale of a car that starts with a funny smell and ends with trouble for someone else.

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Episode 42 – James – Trouble Down Below

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jul 2, 2009 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, James

My good friend James tells a story about how things are bad when someone doesn’t make it to the restroom, but even worse when they finally do.

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