Episode 59 – Liz2 – German Customs

Posted by Will! on Thursday Oct 29, 2009 Under Audio, Liz2

My other friend Liz joins this week to tell about her godmother’s time in Berlin back when the wall was still up.

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Episode 52 – Short Shorts Vol. 2

Posted by Will! on Thursday Sep 10, 2009 Under Audio, Bonnie, Celebrity, Dan, Hannah, Kramer, Liz2, Logan, Mike

A whole year has gone by, so I’m marking the telling of so many good stories by so many of you with a bohemoth of a short story collection. None of these were quite enough to be their own episodes, but I still felt the need to share them. Clocking in just shy of half an hour, please enjoy this extra large birthday edition.

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Episode 38 – Liz2 – No Cream, No Sugar

Posted by Will! on Thursday Jun 4, 2009 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, Liz2

Newcomer Liz2 tells a story about a friend of a friend who worked in a coffee shop and got creeped out by a travelling businessman with some odd requests.

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