Episode 33- Morgen – Ball Wars

Posted by Will! on Thursday Apr 30, 2009 Under Audio, Guests, Morgen

This week Morgen joins me again to tell about a time he walked in on a couple of friends doing something kind of weird.  It’s half firsthand and half secondhand, but I’m going allow it, because it’s funny.

3 Responses to “Episode 33- Morgen – Ball Wars”

  1. Travis Taylor Says:

    Well, at least they weren’t having consensual sex in the missionary position.


  2. Reverend Jeremy White Says:

    Glory be, what an interesting game! I may have to try me some of that!

  3. William A Says:

    Speaking from the POV of someone who has had homosexual sex in dorm rooms and also someone who has been walked in on while having homosexual sex in a dorm room, I must say that the two gentlemen who were walked in on were most likely having homosexual sex and trying to cover. I could tell you some of the “stories” that I used, but those would be first hand.

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