Episode 22 – Logan – Poor Dog

Posted by Will! on Thursday Feb 12, 2009 Under Audio, Logan

I’m happy this week to be joined by my brother, Logan, who tells a story about a poor girl’s harrowing time dog-sitting in New York City.

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  1. Dan Campbell Says:

    You could tell that “Amy” was not a NY native, because her spidey senses would have been tingling with the prospect of a helpful hand in a busy NY subway.

    Replace “Amy” with Ben Stiller in a typical Ben Stiller movie, and it fits surprisingly well.

    Moral of the story. NYC + “Good Samaritan” = P.S., you are about to get mugged…probably

  2. pureevilmatt Says:

    I’ve actually overheard this exact story about a year ago from a friend of a friend at a house party in Toronto. The person telling the story might have been named Doug? Anyways, I’m not sure if me having heard it before lends it credibility, or makes the authenticity of the story suspect…. Either way, great episode. Keep ’em coming Will!

  3. Mary Says:

    I just listened to this episode and I also have heard this story from my cousin! I think the details were a little different, like she used luggage with wheels.

    It’s an awesome story, no wonder it’s traveled around. I do love the karma aspect of the thief actually getting a heavy dead dog – so good.

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