Episode 54 – Anna – Kit Kat Bar

Posted by Will! on Thursday Sep 24, 2009 Under Anna, Audio

This week Anna got in touch with me to tell a story about a woman’s harrowing experience in a shared cafeteria.

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  1. pureevilmatt Says:

    I’ve heard this story before. I believe it was a personal anecdote from Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) either in an interview, or a foreword in one of his books. Could be wrong on the extact source… but I’ve definitely heard it before.

  2. Reverend Jeremy White Says:

    I’ve heard something similar from a chain email, except it was cookies at an airport lounge. It could have happened to someone else though.

  3. Will! Says:

    It turns out you fellas are correct:

  4. Anna Says:

    Whoever told the person that told the person that told the person that told me must have been a big Douglas Adams fan…ugh.

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