Episode 94 – Saint Mort – Phantom Pooper

Posted by Will! on Sunday Aug 5, 2012 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, SaintMort

Saint Mort joins to tell about a security guard who discovered someone doing something very private in a public place.

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Episode 93 – Margot – Peeping Bob

Posted by Will! on Sunday Jul 29, 2012 Under Audio, Celebrity, Margot

Another celebrity edition!  This one talks about a young woman who encounters someone who is famous enough to make her skeptical!

Edit:  For anyone who wants the reported details on the story, you can find them here! (mousing over may spoil the surprise!)

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Episode 92 – Libby – Another Poor Dog

Posted by Will! on Sunday Jun 10, 2012 Under Audio, Libby

This one may seem familiar to long-time listeners.  Libby joins to tell about a dog-owner in the big city who has some trouble!

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Recently my site was attacked by malware, so there were no new posts, since I didn’t want to help spread around whatever it was trying to infect you with, but it’s all clean now and I’m back on track (not only do I have a show this week, but I’ve got one ready for next week!)

But to the matter at hand:  This week I’m joined by the Reverend Jeremy White who has a story about a bathroom emergency and how it is almost certainly mishandled.  We reference the recording date, which was a while ago, but it’s coming out now, and I didn’t want to try to edit around it, so that’s why.

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Episode 90 – Saint Mort – The Inappropriate Costume

Posted by Will! on Sunday Mar 4, 2012 Under Audio, SaintMort

Episode 90 - Saint Mort - The Inappropriate Costume

After far too long a break Saint Mort joins again.  I usually don’t like to have the same guest on back-to-back, but he has a good story, and I feel that enough time has passed.  This one involves a teacher who gets a big surprise based on a project he’s doing with his students.

And I need your stories!  I’ve got a few in the can, but by this point my pestering has wrung what it can from most of my immediate friends and family.  If you want to help the show, please volunteer.  Or volunteer someone you know.  Then the podcast can keep coming out regularly.

(Don’t worry, baby.  It won’t be like last time.  I’ve changed.  I promise.)

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