Episode 89 – Saint Mort – Night Travels

Posted by Will! on Sunday Sep 4, 2011 Under Audio, Bodily fuction, SaintMort

This week Saint Mort joins to tell about someone’s unconcious mobility during his dad’s college days.

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Episode 88 – Eric – Hot Soup

Posted by Will! on Sunday Aug 21, 2011 Under Audio, Eric

Eric joins this week to tell about a roughneck who tries to start some shit and doesn’t like where it ends up.

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Episode 87 – Rev Jeremy White – Party Shooter

Posted by Will! on Sunday Aug 14, 2011 Under Audio, Reverend Jeremy White

When Jeremy first told me this one, I wasn’t sure about posting it, but upon review it seems like some unfounded bragging and perhaps some hazy remembering, both fueled by alcohol.  Be warned, it does contain violence.

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Episode 86 – Austin – Ginny Snaps

Posted by Will! on Sunday Aug 7, 2011 Under Audio, Austin

This week Austin joins to tell about a poor girl who is constantly razzed by her co-workers, although probably with good reason.

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Episode 85 – Caleb – Work Hard, Play Extra Hard

Posted by Will! on Sunday Jul 31, 2011 Under Audio, Caleb, Drunk

This week Caleb joins to tell a story of a former co-worker’s extremely wild night.

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